Manage all your EV charging points with one app

Shift e-Mobility into high gear

As the number of EVs rises, so too does the need for public EV charging points. The e-Mobility market represents a profitable area of opportunity for energy companies.

Atos and Siemens have joined forces to shift your e-Mobility plans into high gear. Our scalable, open-source EV charging solution helps you manage the e-Mobility experience from the customer interface, billing, invoicing and payment integration, all the way to field service maintenance and customer support.

Smart drivers, smart cars, smart EV charging – lead the future of e-Mobility.

“By 2030, there will be over 140 million EVs on the road globally.”

Source: International Energy Agency

Atos & Siemens EV charging solution

Lead the future of e-Mobility with smart EV charging for smart drivers, smart cars and smart business opportunities.

Increase new revenue streams

Grow and diversify your business with an EV charging solution that’s scalable, reliable and easy to manage with continuous support services.

One customer, a leading multi-utility in Italy, saw a 39% increase in new customers within a few months. In addition, flat-rate contracts jumped by 33%, while pay-per-use contracts were up by 44%.

Expand EV charging adoption

EV market growth is expected to continue as we transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. EV charging infrastructure will need to grow proportionately.

Our EV charging solution enables you to capitalize on this shift, offering the flexibility required to develop and roll out the infrastructure to support your future smart city, vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and vehicle-to-home (V2H) projects.

Deliver a seamless charging experience

We enable customers in the public, corporate, retail and private space to offer seamless charging experiences via a single interface that directs users to the nearest charging station, allows them to recharge and then enables them to pay – all through one iOS or Android-based app.

Our EV charging solution allows interoperability between charging systems and recharging modes to facilitate access for even occasional users.

Get plugged into the future!

The future is electric and full of opportunities. With over 140 million EVs expected to be on the road by 2030, EV charging infrastructure will need to grow proportionately. See how Atos and Siemens can help you drive sustainable business growth and take advantage of these new e-mobility opportunities.

Powering e-mobility forward: critical opportunities for energy & utility companies

Energy & utility companies have a unique role to play in the evolving e-mobility ecosystem. With 140 million e-vehicles expected on the roads by 2030, approximately 12 million public charging points will be needed. Discover how a digital, integrated e-mobility platform will provide new opportunities, customers and revenue.

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Your e-Mobility partners

Atos and Siemens co-develop cost-effective solutions for use across the e-Mobility value chain. Our e-Mobility consulting experts provide a reliable understanding of the market and protocols, and our proven methodology effectively supports your go-to-market strategy. With our collective market knowledge, actionable insights and extensive global presence, Atos and Siemens can help you shape the future of e-Mobility.

Learn more about Siemens E-Car Operation Center (E-Car OC):

Atos and Siemens partnered to deliver an EV charging platform for a multi-utility provider in Italy that increased new customers by 39% and flat-rate contracts by 33%. Read the case study >

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Global Marketing Manager, Energy & Utilities

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Business Development Manager, e-Mobility

Why Atos for your e-Mobility journey?

Atos helps energy & utility (E&U) companies implement a more carbon-neutral, digital-first approach to operations. For over 40 years, we’ve served our E&U clients, whose businesses span the globe and the energy value chain.


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We combine deep industry expertise, agile methodology and smart solutions that can help you succeed in the e-Mobility market while contributing to the development of the low-carbon economy.

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