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There’s a popular saying in football: “You make your own luck.”  It’s a common theme across team sports – those teams that achieve most, train hardest and have the best squads are the ones that fortune favours.  In 2012, Mexico won the men’s football tournament, providing the country its sole gold medal from the London 2012 Olympic Games.  They trained hard in order to deserve the luck.

Whether in sport or in business, the best strategy is to be prepared through meticulous planning, constant analysis of risks and the appropriate plans to mitigate those risks. The true winners are those who prepare for everything, and can adapt swiftly to changing circumstances.  Those who have specifically trained to expect the unexpected.

The Olympic Games are an iconic security target. At peak, Games systems hold the most critical personal data in the world. And with more information becoming freely available to users via the internet and on their own device, the increase in IT security events is significant. They need to be ready for anything as this is a zero tolerance event for any kind of failure, with global exposure and immovable deadlines.

We’re raising the bar for IT security at this year’s Olympics.  The unprecedented number of IT security events necessitates advanced analytics to separate genuine threats from digital ‘noise’.  We faced over 200 IT security events per second in Rio, most of them irrelevant warnings, so these needed to be reduced to 10 to 50 that are real. Using real-time data analysis tools and a set of rules search through the millions of security logs generated every day. They are tracking nearly every digital activity within the Olympic Games network, ensuring zero impact on the Games.

We have not only prepared to manage the probable. We have organized to get ready 24×7 to react to the unexpected.  Because winning is not only foreseeing, it’s about managing and overcoming the unknown.

Getting real value from that data requires a new approach to business analysis and intelligence: new tools and competencies, and new innovative technologies that will manage the volume and variety of data, real-time.  We’re using the same agility and innovation we’ve developed for the Olympics – using cloud, Big Data and cyber-security – to empower and protect mobile users across the globe.  We help our customers watch and manage IT security events in real time, to adapt and react to the unexpected.

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