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Driving a great team culture


The unsung heroes of the Olympic Games include the coaches and team directors who put in no fewer hours than the medal winners, for the sake of the team rather than for individual glory.  Dave Brailsford was Performance Director at British Cycling credited with helping the Great

Britain team to a record number of gold medals when on home soil at London2012, making international stars of the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy.

We know what it’s like to lead successful Olympic Games teams.  As Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic Games we lead and manage the

various suppliers necessary to bring things together and deliver to the world a spectacular, memorable event.  In process terms this means implementing a Service Integration And Management (SIAM) approach which is recognised worldwide for its unmatched quality.  In terms of what that means on the ground at Rio, it’s about creating a culture of collaboration and shared values that keeps the extended team focused on the end goals – driving not just performance, but innovation.

The Olympic Games represents a unique environment, which includes two unique challenges that we operate under when carrying out the management and systems integration of IT for each Olympic Games.
First, it has a cast-iron immovable deadline and absolutely has to be on time – unlike the majority of IT and non-IT programs (even the launch of a space rocket!) the Olympic Games cannot be delayed and they must commence, fully tested, on the agreed start date.

Second, we have to program manage and systems integrate in-house developed solutions with infrastructure suppliers and other technology partners without having details of the contractual agreements in place between the suppliers and the Organising Committee.  We have no contractual SLAs or contracts with any of the other technology suppliers, yet have to successfully deliver and operate the Olympic Games IT systems.

This may sound risky – but supplier management is at heart all about reducing risk.  The suppliers involved know that the loss to their reputations associated with Olympic Games failure is worth more than any financial loss or penalty.  Our SIAM experience ensures that we drive

a genuinely collaborative culture, which we do by encouraging ‘right behaviours’ towards shared goals, fostering as many win-win outcomes as possible.

Over the course of our many SIAM engagements we have developed operational, tooling and governance processes and frameworks that are

proven, and that we use as foundation blueprints for future customers.  Process detail aside, we’re experts in the “soft” elements which – coaches and team directors will tell you – make all the difference.

We know that managing teams isn’t about punitive contracts and carrying a big stick – it’s about trust and collaboration.  We know how to drive

a great team culture. contact us now.

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