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Mikhail Lyadov says

“It’s a breakthrough moment for me each time a new project enhances our position in the MRT market”


Mikhail Lyadov is a Global Client Executive for Manufacturing, Retail and Transportation based in Russia having been with Atos for 10 years.

“What makes me feel proud is the whole community of Atos people that I work with and the close co-operation with the country management team here. They give a great overview about our company and our strong performance in the market.”

“There have been many of what I would say are ‘breakthrough moments’ in Atos.” Says Mikhail. “Every new project we win is a new and exciting moment, each one enhances our position and brand reputation in the MRT market. Since this market is ever changing, each newly won deal brings along fresh and exciting challenges to the teams here in Russia, we learn a lot from them.”

“I am a keen basketball player, having played this for 20 years now, so I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this sport during the games. The basketball is the number one event I would like to see! especially the USA dream team, they represents the benchmark for this type of sport.”

“In second place I’d like to see my national team in the synchronized swimming. Their efforts and the way they perform is absolutely stunning! It shows the amazing results that can be achieved with a strong team spirit.”

“The scale of the Olympic Games event itself and the fact that the majority of our IT systems and services are being delivered from the Atos cloud alongside local delivery teams is truly fantastic.”

“Atos proves from year to year that our teams can deliver the best outcome, as evaluated and ‘judged’ by the whole world. Given the sheer size of the event it confirms that if we can transform the business model for Olympics we can do it for our clients too. I would liken it to the song of Tina Turner… ‘Simply the Best’.

Let’s all thank Mikhail for sharing his amazing story.

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