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Mazyar Fernandis says

“Telling our clients about the specific services we are providing to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games this summer.”


Mazyar Fernandis is a Bid Director in the Global Strategic Engagement team. He joined Atos in April 2013.

“When people ask me where I’m from, I tell them that I was born in Iran, my grandfather was Spanish and that I have lived in France since 1985. So I guess I’m French.” Says Mazyar.

“My job is ‘to win’ bids with a TCV of €100M and above. Bid management is just 20% of the role.” He says. “The remaining focus is on translating the Deal Maker’s win strategy into a tactical battle plan with specific deliverables from the other bid team members and setting up the all important good working relationship with the customer.”

“Although I live in the Paris region, I tend to base myself in the ‘War Room’ of whatever bid I’m working on at the time.” He says.

“There have been so many proud moments! Like when I won an ipad for my contribution to the Zero Email program. Appointed as the Bid Director for an outsourcing part of a major M&A opportunity soon after I arrived. Being selected as the Program Manager for the Integration of Bull in 2014.

“During the games, my breakthrough moment will be telling our clients about the specific services that we provide to Rio 2016. Emphasizing the multi-service, multi-cultural and multi-provider aspects, demonstrating our strength in managing very complex environments in which there is no margin for error.”

“When I have time I enjoy playing basketball and cycling. I also like playing ping-pong with my kids at weekends. I sometimes watch football and basketball. During Rio 2016 I will follow the basketball results and watch a few football matches too.”

Mazyar concludes saying; “Our work for the Olympic Games demonstrates our commitment in accepting the ownership of the end-to-end governance of a highly complex and multi-faceted environment. It also shows the many talents and capabilities that Atos can provide to any customer.”

Let’s all thank Mazyar for sharing his great story!

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