Secure Industrial IoT for

Insight-Driven Outcomes

Atos Connected Coolers in action

Internet of Things, Analytics, and AI increase value and enhance customer experience.

IoT fundamentally changes enterprise technology adoption, providing the ability to offer new services and business models based on connected device data.

Coca-Cola HBC worked with Atos to establish a connected environment with customers and shoppers by implementing the first mass-rollout of Atos Codex Connected Cooler solution.

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Mobilize data for accelerated insight

The Internet-of-Things impacts everything from customer and employee experience, financial reporting through to plant floor and operations. It’s at the center of industrial transformation. Across every sector, real digital transformation relies on exploiting data and analytics from IoT devices in real-time to create business value.

Analytics and the IoT are integrally connected. With our Atos Codex portfolio, we offer insight and practical expertise, enabling our clients to envision and establish practical and rewarding IoT strategies. With Atos as a partner, IoT will deliver true data-driven insights and value for your digital transformation journey. Atos can help you mobilize your IoT data for accelerated insight and efficiency.

Platform & Device Management

Full spectrum of partners to accelerate time to value, including Siemens MindSphere ecosystem

Advanced Analytics & Insights

Data integration, analytics and AI functions, managing and processing real-time data flows with agility and precision

Predictive Maintenance & Lifecycle Management

Ongoing management of products, service delivery, & connected assets to create an even better future through insight and action

IoT Security: Present and Future

Putting IoT data to work helps keep pace with the speed of digital disruption. But as data moves across physical or geographic boundaries, security concerns often delay the full deployment of a connected device strategy. That’s why Atos provides a variety of IoT solutions with a data-centric focus to ensure the successful deployment and security of your IoT infrastructure:

  • Atos Horus IoT Security Suite
  • End to end IoT Security and Service Management
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