Atos RoBoost

The Atos Romania new national program to support startups and SMEs with a unique focus in cybersecurity and advanced technologies.

Get your business accelerated by the No 1 Managed Security Service Provider in the world

What is Atos RoBoost?

Accelerate your business

RoBoost is a 12-month program aimed at selecting and on-boarding several star-ups and SMEs, benefiting from the national and international visibility of the Atos brand.
Different from the classic, collaborative approach in projects, Atos RoBoost accelerates value creation by enhancing ideas and innovations derived directly from the market, aligned with customer’s requirements.
Each Start-up or SME comes with a well-defined use-case and its own competencies, in line with Atos’ strategy of approaching customers. Annually, approximately 5 start-ups and SMEs will be selected.

Become part of Atos Roboost

If your start-up/SME has:

  • at least one year of proven activity
  • a defined offering/portfolio in the area of Cybersecurity and advanced technologies that can be showcased to possible customers
  • a minimum set of past delivered projects for relevant customers
  • an open approach to innovation and capable of marketing your USPs nationally and internationally

Then, you should Enroll within Atos RoBoost


Atos Commitment for selected RoBoost candidates

To provide support in terms of technical expertise, business development, promotion and marketing.
To support them in business development outside the current coverage area, providing the basis for a national and international expansion.. All RoBoost selected candidates will be integrated into Atos’ activities including the creation of demos for Atos clients, innovation workshops with customers, hackathons.

Atos’s responsibility is not to provide any order to RoBoost selected candidates, but to assist them so that they develop through their own powers and remain completely responsible for the development of their own business. Atos has no responsibility for funding or sponsorship.

Built on the complementarity between Roboost and Atos’ portfolio, Atos Roboost will assist the clients on their way to the technologies of the future, not only by delivering solutions for their immediate requirements, but also by addressing the demands of customers or the company in the long term.

RoBoost aims to enrich the Atos’ cybersecurity portfolio by proactively attracting innovation for the benefit of customers and society.

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