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Tech Trends Radar:
Key technologies and what they’ll do to your business

Our TechRadar provides a pictorial view of our findings, allowing you to quickly understand disruptive emerging technologies and the actions you might consider taking. To deepen the analysis of these trends by strategic technology, we need to organize them by “Area”, each of which addresses a specific scope of activity and influence. The trends positioning in the quadrant illustrates when they are likely to impact your business, while the colors represent the current maturity of each topic.

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Early Adoption


Early Adoption



Time of impact

2021 – Look today at how solutions could address your needs.
2022 – Consider potential solutions by running pilots, for example.
2023 – Understand now. Consider potential implications and how these could be addressed in your strategic technology planning.
2024+ – Follow for now. Watch how it’s evolving.


Mainstream technologies have fully matured and are in regular use in the IT infrastructure with the likelihood of commoditization as more providers enter the market.

Early Adoption technologies are at the point of initial deployment for organizations that prefer to adopt a leading or even bleeding edge approach.

Adolescent technologies have reached a point of some stability to the extent that early business related activity can begin.

Emerging technologies are at the start of the cycle and are only just on the horizon at their early days of inception.

Business Impact

Transformational – Likely to require radical changes within organizations.
High – Will have a high impact at work and in people’s home lives.
Medium – Will impact organizations’ processes & services or affect users’ & consumers’ lives.
Low – Will impact specific processes & services or affect some aspects of users’ & consumers’ lives

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