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Create new business opportunities with new digital customer experiences. Whether B2B or direct to consumer, satisfying digital experiences drive satisfaction as they improve productivity and loyalty.

Innovate your digital customer experience with Atos.

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What Can a Modernized Digital Experience Do?

The Benefits of Atos UX Design

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User Experience Design

  • Richer, more personalized user experience across all digital touchpoints.
  • Ability to leverage user insights to define, adapt and personalize services and touch points.
  • New revenue streams through custom apps, website enhancements, improved engagement and improved customer dialogue.
  • Reduced storage costs with complete transparency.
  • Boost internet sales as much as 30% through chat and nudging features
  • Increase customer satisfaction with CSAT scores of 9+
  • Improved usability, with up to 40% increase in access after new layouts are deployed
  • Optimized asset utilization
  • Consulting skills to optimize experience through digital touchpoint enhancement.
  • Solid research and insight capabilities, including testing services.
  • Deep library of assets, including customer journey mapping, innovation sessions, bench-marking, personas, journey visualization, AI and CX Labs, and prototypes.

Sample Use Cases

An innovative pricing portal allowed this food company to reduce application process times from 6 hours to 5 minutes daily.

> Meet George Winston Foods

A major Automotive Manufacturer turned to Atos for in-car driver application services, increasing customer loyalty and generating B2B partner business.