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The media & entertainment world is undergoing profound and permanent transformation, accelerated by the pandemic. Audiences are more empowered, with more choice and higher expectations than ever before. With unprecedented demand for content, there’s competition along the supply chain, with hungry new and traditional players battling for mindshare and their place in the value chain. From concept to screen and beyond, digital technologies bring new ways to foster creativity, generate value, deliver faster, reduce costs, and work more flexibly and sustainably.

Media in a Box is a chance to meet our experts who will showcase demos to guide and secure your digital journey so you can achieve your creative and business ambitions as this exciting and dynamic industry evolves. It’s a workshop to explore your priorities, challenges and opportunities and help you develop your roadmap.


Here’s where we can help…

Leveraging decades of media & entertainment industry experience and our partner ecosystem, Atos offers unparalleled access to transformation expertise and digital innovations to help you meet your challenges and deliver measurable results.

Media Production

Orchestrating physical and virtual media resources, utilizing agile and intuitive solutions (i.e. Broadcast Network Control System+ – BNCS+) or AI/ML to rapidly identify and tag content

Content Supply Chain Management

Transforming content supply with intelligent automation engines to accelerate processes, improve efficiency

Customer Relationship Management

Turning relationships into value with Next-generation CRM platforms to develop new and personalized experiences and drive revenue

Data Monetization

Maximizing content monetization with an end-to-end solution for data-driven content monetization

Workflow Automation

Harnessing intelligent automation engines to speed up concept to screen timescales, reduce the chances of human error, and focus on core business with higher added value

Cybersecurity & Anti-Piracy services for Media

Equipping organizations with 24/7 real time monitoring and detection of threats and illegally distributed content for a secure digital workspace

Our experts

Marcos Gonzalez-Flower

Global Head of Media Transformation Competence Center

Marcos has a strong experience in the Media industry supporting a wide variety of media organization and industry leaders develop and implement disruptive digital strategies and services.

Ross Atkin

Head of Media Control and Monitoring

Ross is an experienced broadcast and media professional with a proven track record of leading projects, particularly those focused on technology and operational change.

Joe Brennan

Head of Media Transformation Competence Center in Northern Europe

Joe has a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast, media and IT industry. He is also responsible for the media workflow delivery.

Alberto Macri

Head of Media Transformation Competence Center in Southern Europe

Alberto is an expert in media monetization & support transformation. He also experiences in online distribution solutions.

Allan McLennan

Head of Media Transformation Competence Center in North America

Allan McLennan is a senior market realization executive and global media technology analyst who has been dedicated to the advancement of the global media/entertainment market.

Robert Milchem

Principal Media Architect

Robert is a media expert with a strong background in bringing cloud, storage, and network technology and innovation to the business of media clients.

Mariana Peycheva

Global Cybersecurity Business Development Manager

Mariana is a cybersecurity expert with a rich experience on several global projects. She is currently focusing on business development with regard to cybersecurity services for the media market.

Christoph Schramm

Head of Media Transformation Competence Center in Central Europe

Christoph has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and has been working with broadcasters for tape digitization and AI/ML projects.

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