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From omnichannel to ubiquitous commerce

Huge shakeouts on the horizon

During recent years, the global environment has proven challenging for retail. In developed countries, the economy has remained tepid with slow growth, high levels of debts and poor demographics. In emerging countries, while spending has grown more significantly, markets remain marked by considerable competitive pressure overall.

Everywhere, this environment has driven intense price competition, especially at the expense of mid-market segments, which are suffering more than most.

Political uncertainty and a backlash against globalization are only hindering any improvement in the overall business climate – with 20-year records in consolidations and retail store closures in the West.

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“With globalization and rising competition from digital platforms, incumbent retailers must not only develop in-depth synergies between physical and digital channels but also invent the ubiquitous commerce of tomorrow.”

Terry Lobel

Senior Vice President, CPG & Retail, Atos

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