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Public services are facing revolutionary times. Everywhere, globalization is changing the pace of existing nations. While it supports innovation and growth, extracts large parts of world populations from poverty and drives the rise of new middle classes in Asia, globalization also has its drawbacks.

Tepid global economies, trade competition, demographic changes, geopolitical tensions, civil conflicts and terrorism are creating global instabilities and migration, sustaining a rise of populism – notably in struggling Western middle classes.

The result is a resurgence of demands for far-reaching public stimulus, welfare protection and homeland security that extends to most parts of the world.

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“We are at a tipping point in the public sector. As citizen demand for digital services continues to rise, public institutions have a tremendous opportunity to radically improve the way governments serve. Public services must leverage the power of a networked economy to both become digital platforms themselves and support global growth.”

Pascal Homsy

Senior Vice President, Public Sector and Healthcare, Atos

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