Building a culture of excellence


In an industry as fast-moving and dynamic as the IT services sector, Atos makes it a priority that all our employees have the skills they need to be true drivers of digital transformation.

3 material issues have been identified:

  • Talents and skills management
  • Diversity
  • Employee engagement and well-being

“Thanks to our focus on critical areas such as personal development, recognition, profit sharing, diversity and sustainability, Atos is achieving record levels of employee satisfaction. Our ambition is to create an engaging, diverse and technologically advanced workplace which rewards the talents and successes of our colleagues and inspires them as they lead our customers on their journeys of digital transformation.”

Philippe Mareine
Senior Executive Vice-President, Head of Human Resources,Corporate Social Responsibility, Head of Siemens Global Alliance and Chief Digital & Transformation Officer, Atos

Winning the race for digital talent

To fully meet the aspirations of digital graduates from leading universities, Atos has developed a three-year tier-one graduate program providing incoming talents with a structured career path and exciting opportunities for professional development. The Graduate Discovery Journey aims at transforming raw talent into best-in-class, all-round digital professionals.

“As well as gaining practical experience in different divisions, the Graduate Discovery Journey has helped grow my leadership capabilities. I felt empowered from day one at Atos”.

Holly Mattinson
– Atos in the UK & Ireland

Promoting internal talent

With its Internal First program, which prioritizes existing staff when filling new positions, and with dedicated career paths across the organization, Atos aims to support its employees to develop challenging, stimulating and rewarding professional lives.

“I think it is important not to stay in your own comfort zone for too long and instead to look for new challenges regularly. Through the Internal First initiative and the ‘hands-up’ program, I was selected forthe role of Global Head of Recruitment & Mobility for Worldline”.

Julia Von Poswik
– Global Head of Recruitment & Mobility, Worldline

Skilling up for the digital future

Since the inauguration of the Atos University in Bengaluru, India, in early 2018, Atos has provided training to more than 8,800 colleagues.Employees who pass through the institution receive education in key business areas such as leadership, project management, contract management, finance, procurement, sales, and service delivery management.

Supporting the LGBTI community

In 2018, Atos committed to following new standards of conduct published by the United Nations Human Rights Office which are designed to support the business community in tackling discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people.

“Setting up AtosPride and being part of the LGBT+ and Allies community at Atos has changed my life. The impact of being able to be myself at work is immeasurable. We know that people perform best when they can be themselves”.

Julia Atwater
– Head of Communications, B&PS and Co-Chair of Atos Pride, Atos in the UK & Ireland

ICT systems accessible to all

Atos is determined to position accessibility as a fundamental and integral aspect of all its ICT systems and related services.In 2018, the company published a new wide-ranging Group accessibility and digital inclusion policy.

“It is my firmly held belief that disability inclusion is a key factor in creating sustainable business. At Atos, we have a strong focus on creating equitable and inclusive digital experiences in the workplace and beyond”.

Neil Milliken
– Head of Accessibility & Digital Inclusion, Atos

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Generating value for clients through sustainable and innovative solutions

Leveraging a global ecosystem of partners, Atos creates innovative and sustainable solutions to deliver value for clients, while ensuring the highest levels of security and data protection and promoting a culture of digital responsibility.

Being an ethical and fair player within Atos’ sphere of influence

As a global company, Atos is expected to have strong corporate governance and ethical standards shared along the whole value chain.

Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

To support our clients in the necessary transition to a low-carbon economy Atos improves the efficiency and resilience of its operations and mitigates the risks arising from natural disasters.