Interview with Thierry Breton, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer:  “Pioneering sustainable digital transformation”


“Following our recent acquisitions, we have prepared Advance 2021, a new and ambitious three-year plan for Atos. This plan will strengthen our position as the go-to partner for organizations who are looking to respond to the dilemmas of the digital world and navigate its challenges successfully.”

Thierry Breton
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

2018 in review

Separation dash

“2018 was a positive year for Atos with revenue growing and an operational profitability
above 10 percent. Atos’ digital transformation businesses led the way with strong growth,
and two transformative acquisitions bolstered its leadership position.”


Strategic outlook


“Atos is embarking on its new three-year strategic plan, Advance 2021, which is strongly focused on clients’ needs and aspirations, and will see innovation, technology and the creation of long-term sustainable value drive the company forward towards further growth and greater profitability.”

Our way forward