Delivering green transformation


Carbon impact and climate change, as well as preparedness to ensure employee safety and business continuity in the event of natural disasters, are the most material issues for Atos in relation to the environment. Our specific challenges are in the areas of energy, travel and greenhouse gases.

“Atos is recognized as a global IT leader when it comes to the environment. In all our operations, from our cutting-edge datacenters to the way we run our offices and manage our travel requirements, we are continually looking for new ways to reduce carbon emissions and minimize our environmental footprint.”

Eric Grall – 
Senior Executive Vice-President, Head of Infrastructure & Data Management.

Embedding eco-design into services

Eco-design is an essential component of Atos’ development of software and services. To protect the environment, combat climate change and enhance performance, our software developers focus on finding ways to minimize energy consumption and extend hardware life.

As well as minimizing the environmental footprint of a product, eco-design can also increase its operational effectiveness.

When designing Auxylium, the tactical LTE communication solution developed by Atos for the French Armed Forces, Atos worked with start-up Greenspector to reduce the system’s power usage and increase its energy efficiency.

“For too long, developers have pursued a makeshift approach to creating software. With Auxylium, we were determined to integrate eco-design into the software development process from the beginning and to eliminate all energy bugs. The resulting improvements in energy efficiency have exceeded our expectations.”

Christophe Fournier – Auxylium Product Owner, Atos in France

“Greenspector is proud to be part of this successful project. Beyond gains, “Green by Design” only makes sense except if you maintain methodology and measurement solutions in the whole lifecycle and consequently in future versions. That is the case for the Auxylium Project in which our solution is used by the Atos team in continuous integration in the next versions.”

Thierry Leboucq – Chairman, Greenspector

Atos develops a sustainable supercomputing future

In July 2018, Atos began the construction of its new global high performance computing (HPC) Test Lab in Angers, France. The new test center will provide Atos’ HPC customers with a unique opportunity to thoroughly test their super computing equipment under real conditions. The facility in Angers focuses on the use of artificial intelligence in four priority sectors: health, transport, environment and defense.

Setting the pace in eco-efficiency

In December 2018, Atos unveiled a next-generation datacenter in Les Clayes-sous-Bois in France thatcontinues to set new standards for energy efficiency.The modular datacenter has a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.22 (approaching the theoretical maximum of 1) and is 30% more energy efficient than the previous datacenter.

The new 1,300m2 datacenter is situated on Atos’ existing R&D site and is the first in a series of eight modules planned to be built from 2017-2020. It represents another milestone in Atos’ strategy of transforming Clayes-sous-Bois and the Yvelines region into a major global hub of technical expertise.

The greening of mobility

At enterprises the size of Atos, travel and transport can contribute considerably to energy consumption, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the environmental footprint of Atos’ 120,000 employees’ travel, initiatives are in place ranging from remote working tools (Circuit) to promoting environmentally-friendly alternatives to car transport.

In many offices, Atos now provides dedicated parking slots for carpoolers in order to encourage the use of car-sharing for commuting to work and other journeys for business. A variety of bike-to-work, bicycle leasing and other carbon-free travel options are also encouraged.

In its own car fleet, Atos is progressively accelerating the shift to electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Being a responsible employer

Atos has the responsibility and ambition to constantly support a diverse, talented and motivated workforce, and to provide employees with relevant skills for digital transformation.

Business and innovation

Generating value for clients through sustainable and innovative solutions

Leveraging a global ecosystem of partners, Atos creates innovative and sustainable solutions to deliver value for clients, while ensuring the highest levels of security and data protection and promoting a culture of digital responsibility.

Ethics and governance

Being an ethical and fair player within Atos’ sphere of influence

As a global company, Atos is expected to have strong corporate governance and ethical standards shared along the whole value chain.