Digital transformation is integral to Australia’s social and economic future

Digital transformation is integral to Australia’s social and economic future

Technological innovation is a centrepiece of the Australian Government’s vision to become one of the leading digital governments in the world by 2025; a government which is easy to deal with, informed by citizens and fit for the digital age.

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New digital technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, data platforms and cybersecurity, quite simply, transform what is possible. They offer new ways to meet society’s most pressing challenges, such as improving the accessibility and availability of government services online, enabling new ways of working, supporting inclusiveness, and accelerating the decarbonisation journey to net zero.

Navigating the digital landscape to achieve these goals demands the ability to respond to complex interdependencies. Strong digital leadership and close partnerships between the public and private sectors are critical to delivering transformation for Australia. We need to share ideas and invest in collaboration – not just to deliver new solutions, but to progress public understanding and debate about the positive role of digital technologies in our modern world.

For 30 years, Atos has brought the benefits of continuous innovation to a broad spectrum of government agencies, from defence to education, and from treasury to healthcare. Atos has developed a reputation within the Government marketplace in Australia, particularly following our work with the Western Australian Government.

This paper explores how digital innovation can help to deliver secure, decarbonised citizen-centric public services for Australia. We look forward to working with our customers and partners to help make this Digital Vision a reality.

Mike Green, Managing Director, Atos Australia
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