Frontline Perspectives

The Digital Future of Healthcare

The pressures on today’s healthcare systems are well documented. While the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have had a significant impact on all, it served to amplify many of the systemic challenges already faced by the sector. As Health Care Organizations suit up to tackle issues ranging from aging populations and the growing prevalence of chronic diseases to the costs and inequalities of care, we explore the visions and strategies that aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of the system.

To achieve the standard of care that we all want to deliver – and would all wish to receive – we just have to keep moving forward together.

Dr Hugo Stephenson

Frontline Perspectives

The Doctor’s View – Breaking down longstanding barriers to improve care

Dr Hugo Stephenson, an Australian doctor and biotech services entrepreneur, argues that making the most of today’s digital opportunities may mean tearing down some of the foundations upon which the healthcare sector has been built.

The Executive’s View – Driving the digital transformation agenda

Joanna Smith, Group Chief Informatics Officer at the UK’s Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, shares her views on how to translate digital innovation into outcomes that deliver lasting improvements in the provision of healthcare.


The CIO’s View – The critical role of the member experience

Eric Decker, Chief Information Officer of Independent Health, discusses current priorities and plans to enhance the digital journey for his 350,000 members.

When it comes to the adoption of digitally-enabled models of care, there’s no shortage of appetite for change from senior figures across payer and provider communities. And there’s certainly no lack of imagination and innovation

Evolution and Innovation.

The Digital Future of Healthcare

From evolving patient expectations and consumerization to the enabling role of data in informing future models of care delivery, this new report brings together the latest thinking from across global healthcare systems.

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