Atos Connected Experience Summit

October 14, 2021 11am- 1:30pm ET

Realization for change: accelerating action now


How do you keep up with digital-native competitors, ever-evolving consumer demands, and net zero initiatives?

Join our exclusive, live virtual event, where you’ll hear first-hand the findings from our independent research across 800 global financial services and insurance leaders: unearthing the top industry challenges you face with mounting pressure to digitalize and modernize.

You will be able to engage with world-class leaders, innovators and presenters from the financial services and insurance, Atos, and some of our partners: IBM, Intel, Dell Technologies, Microsoft, VMware and Verizon. During the event, we will dive into key areas, and share how generate actionable objectives for businesses to adapt and modernize in a more digital world.

This will be an interactive session, and by exploring attitudes, opinions and intentions toward core business functions, the conversations will support the future-proofing of your business.

Join us and accelerate now!

Topics we will be exploring:


After a tumultuous year, businesses are incredibly sensitive to risk, with many mentioning an interest in support from 3rd parties around cyber security. However, only 41% have undertaken a threat assessment of existing/potential compliance risks and only 31% improving cyber security defenses and only 25% ranked ongoing compliance with regulations as a top three driver of digital transformation.

What concerns do you have around issues such as cyber threats, security breaches and hybrid cloud security?

Cost optimization

Efforts to improve cost efficiencies are evident across the financial services and insurance industry and business leaders are prepared to make substantial changes to their operations in order to tackle costs, including reduction in office space, the adoption of decentralized corporate structures and greater investments in research and development. However, there are still questions as to whether they are doing enough and 50% of the respondents ranked pressure on profit margins as a top five threat.

How has investing in new workplace technologies or cloud-based infrastructure affected your business outcomes?

Modernizing platforms and processes

Digital transformation is widely recognized as a mechanism for improving the customer experience. On the journey to realizing modernization, our research reveals how better understanding the customers is both a driver and a barrier of business and digital transformation, as leaders strive to uncover the keys offering customers improved experiences. Efforts to improve the customer experience (39%) is the main driver of digital transformation.

What is your current understanding of your customers’ preferences and demands?

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