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Atos Ben Marine – Naval Solutions presentation

As a registered Atos brand, BEN Marine provides today turnkey solutions, from the sensor to navigation information, and operates in over 40 countries with around 50 distributors.


MFR6 WP Repeater

This repeater is located outside the submarine and withstand pressure up to 35 bars.


Blind Anthea EM speed log

This speed log is designed for all types of civil ships.


Ben Marine commercial instrumentation

Discover our range of electronic navigation equipment for merchant fleets.


Ben Marine navy instrumentation

Discover our range of electronic navigation equipment for naval forces.


Combined repeater for LMN6 speed log

The combined repeater for LMN6 enables the user to set up and communicate with the speed log and performs user’s commands. It also displays on a 7’’ colour touchscreen navigation information.


DN 33 Flowmeter
Electromagnetic Flow Measurement

The DN 33 flowmeter is designed to be fitted with an electromagnetic sleeve sensor type. This sleeve sensor with customized flanges allows flow measurements of all conductive liquids.


DUS 50 Flowmeter
Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

The DUS 50 flow meter is designed to be fitted with a compact or remote ultrasonic sleeve sensor type. This sleeve sensor with customized flanges allows flow measurements of all liquids on the basis of transit time.


LMN6 electromagnetic speed log

The LMN6 measures the speed over the water in the lengthwise and crosswise axis of the vessel using one or two electromagnetic sensors. It also calculates the partial and total distance travelled and distributes navigation information.


Digital / Synchro Resolver converter

That converter enables the conversion of a digital speed information into one to five analogue synchro resolver signals.


Digital / Synchro Resolver gateway

That gateway enables the conversion of a digital heading information into an analogue synchro resolver signal.


VTD2000 test kit
for LMN5 / LMN6 speed logs

The VTD2000 is a maintenance tool for LMN5 and LMN6 speed logs, dedicated to verification and troubleshooting operations, either onboard the ship where the speed log is located or in workshop.


GN100 – Navigation Data Distribution Unit

The GN100 is a Navigation Data Distribution Unit (NDDU), which enables the acquisition of navigation information from a global navigation system, its processing in the form of digital data, its conversion to synchro signal, and its distribution to users.


SCI – System Command Interface

The SCI is a navigation control & command subsystem, dedicated to the control of Navigation System status, the command of the Inertial Navigation System (INS) and the Navigation Data Distribution Units (NDDU), the monitoring of INS drift, and the setup of time zone to display local time.


SDU – Navigation Distribution Data Unit

The SDU manages and distributes navigation and status information delivered by the Inertial Navigation System (INS) to authorized users.


LMN5 Electromagnetic Speed Log

Speed and distance measuring equipment.



The ANTHEA EM speed log is designed for merchant and cruising ships.


SM2000 Sensor

The SM2000 electromagnetic sensor, intelligent and adjustable, meets the climatic, mechanical and radio electrical resistance standards.


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