Vision paper : digital decisive advantage

Trusted and secure data enabling information dominance

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A vision for digitalising defence

The digital transformation of defence is structured around 3 major domains of action: operational readiness, situational awareness in combat environment and force coordination.

In the face of an enemy that is itself increasingly digital and agile, it is critical to maintain an information advantage and anticipate the disruptions that technological advances will inevitably bring (collaborative combat, autonomous systems, data analysis and fusions, decision support, artificial intelligence applications, …).

Linked to this need for informational superiority are the issues of access, security and transmission of data: how can information be transformed into intelligence, used to predict likely future events and make critical decisions in real-time? These are the topics raised in our vision paper.

Part 1: The 3 key drivers for digitalising defence

Atos leverages its expertise in Internet Of Things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, High-Performance Computing (HPC) to provide actionable intelligence to the right person, at the right time, in the right way, making best use of visualisation, temporal analysis and predictive models.

Part 2: The 4 critical success factors for the digitalisation of defence

Successful digital transformation depends on four key factors: sovereign capabilities, system integration, dataflow and sustainability.

Digital decisive advantage

Trusted and secure data enabling information dominance

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