Georgia Technology Authority

Enhances cybersecurity for state agencies

Industry: Local Government
Region: State of Georgia
HQ: Atlanta
Company size: 200

“GTA sees a partnership with Atos as an investment in the future,”

Dean Johnson,
Chief Operating Officer Georgia Technology Authority

The Georgia Technology Authority partnered with Atos to realize significant savings that helped fund innovation and enhance cybersecurity for state agencies.


By recompeting mainframe services and choosing the right Mainframe-as-a-Service partner, Georgia’s central IT agency improved efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and saved enough money to fund a brand-new cybersecurity initiative.

The challenge


Most Americans have to work with a state or local government agency at some point in their lives. Whether you need a new driver’s license, a copy of your car registration or financial help to buy food, those things are only available through state and local agency systems. Georgia’s mainframe operations are critical to delivering these citizen services.

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The solution


Atos, along with other qualified service providers, submitted bids for the mainframe business opportunity. Atos proposed an innovative MFaaS solution that placed a much more efficient mainframe within the state of Georgia’s private cloud plugging directly into the existing infrastructure and services.

The solution fit seamlessly into GTA’s multisourcing service integration platform and is billed predictably through the state’s well-defined OpEx model. Atos submitted the most compelling proposal, both operationally and financially, and was awarded the MFaaS contract.

Business benefit


The transition to Atos as the mainframe services provider began in July 2017, with go-live scheduled for December 1, 2017 — a tight timeframe.

Atos’ capacity analysis and evaluation resulted in three goals to be accomplished during the transition from the previous provider:

Resize the mainframe from 4,034 MIPS to 1,811 MIPS to better suit the state’s needs and reduce its software costs.

Reduce the number of LPARs and replace operating software with CA/IBM, for which Atos has premium discounts.

Completely refresh GTA’s mainframe and storage solution for better uptime, support costs, and encryption.

Over the next five months, Atos worked directly with GTA’s software and network providers to build and implement the most cost-effective solution for the state. This work included expert tuning of the mainframe to ensure that agencies’ applications and services were running at peak performance and exceeding customer expectations.

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