NA Tech Fest

Opportunity to Shine through Competition


Atos TechFest provides high school students with an outlet to compete and collaborate in activities that promote a curriculum of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). In addition, it is a chance for students and educators to network with recent college graduates, working professionals and colleges in a career fair setting with award and scholarship opportunities.

Atos TechFest is a way for us to give back to the communities in which we live. Atos is uniquely positioned to share an appreciation of technology to expand the knowledge and life opportunities of the youth in our neighborhoods. Supporting the future of the IT industry in the STEAM program while helping students realize their dreams is one of the ways Atos gives back and shares our passion for information technology.

Learning experience


Working with talented youth and seeing their creativity as they identify innovative solutions to the Atos TechFest challenges is an awesome learning experience for everyone involved. It is our desire to find those talented diamonds and inspire them in their IT educational journey through this exciting program.

What to expect


General session

Event overview and engagement including opening/closing ceremonies and awards


Put your game face on to compete in interactive STEAM challenges

Career expo

Get a jump start by networking with local universities and businesses

Personal Project Expo

Choose YOUR topics of interest

Keynote speakers

Hear from Industry Leaders

General session



Review and test samples to resolve the described challenge at hand


Projects ranging from coding, programming, security, etc.


Design and build a prototype to solve a problem at hand using instructions provided


Design and submit an entry for next year’s Atos TechFest marketing


Mathematical problems provided to be solved with mentor support, as needed



Cyber Escape Room Challenge

We invite you to take part in this year’s Cyber Escape Room Challenge. You will “enter” a room filled with puzzles to crack the code and stop the cyber criminals from attacking your infrastructure before it is too late. Our Cyber Escape Room is a fun and engaging spin-off of a traditional escape room that will increase your cyber security awareness including the importance of online safety. Can you outsmart the hacker before the 30-minute timer runs out?

Graphic Challenge

Are you ready to tap into your inner artist? We invite you to enter this year’s Atos TechFest Graphic Challenge! In this competition, high school students will design an original artwork which includes the Atos TechFest logo and is related to this year’s competition theme – Sustainability. This competition will challenge your creativity and imagination skills. Enter today and get ready to show off your art to the world!

Atos Green Machine

Do you want to save the world? Do you want to be the next Tony Stark? The TechFest Green Machine Challenge is your first step! Teams competing in this challenge will build a “green” robot, made of sustainable materials that will race against other robots to clean up the planet i.e. put discarded items into a garbage can. This challenge will test a variety of skills, including physics, math, engineering design and coding. Get to building!

STEAM Team Royale

Be the last team standing in our Tech Knowledge Battle Royale! There are three selection rounds –the ENGINEERING BRAWL (tech and engineering), EINSTEINIUM (math and science) and BREAK THE BANKSY (art). Every student from every school will participate at once, all answering trivia questions from the current category. Accuracy, speed and streaks contribute to each team’s aggregate score. The top group from each round will go head-to-head in THE FINAL ROUND, where questions from every STEAM category will make an appearance. The winning team will be made up of a diverse group with a wide knowledge set – flying buses optional!

Career Expo


The Career Expo is the ideal opportunity for you to explore and gather STEAM-related career and college information. Exhibitors, professionals, and local colleges will feature their careers and showcase real-world applications of STEAM. During the Expo, you can network with professionals to learn about their careers, as well as discover what college courses to take to pursue careers in STEAM fields.

Join this interactive and highly engaging event where representatives from local companies get to know you and answer your questions!

Engineering the Future


Channel your inner Elon Musk as you take on the challenge of Engineering the Future. Allow your creativity to flow and sales promotion ability to flourish. In this shark tank-like challenge, you will present your idea for a new technology solution that contributes to Society/Sustainability. You will then present your technology to a panel of judges. Prove yourself to be a pioneer of the future and introduce us to the next big thing!

Keynote Speakers


Dave Seybold,
North America Chief Executive Officer

Participation benefits


Collaboration with peers

Meet with professionals and colleges

STEAM accelerator through challenges

Knowledge and awareness

Pre- and post- TechFest collaboration

Inspiration and guidance

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