Bridging the gap between report creation and distribution

Reporting isn’t complete until people receive the reports, yet secure distribution only gets attention when manual processes become burdensome or fail a security review.

Atos Reporting Bridge

Atos offers a simple, low-cost Reporting Bridge that publishes reports from a variety of systems and sources to a secure web portal. Reports on the portal are accessible to large audiences over an internet or intranet connection.


Data on your reporting portal is protected by permission-based access to folders and reports, and permissions based on other attributes.

Folder-level permissions: Users can access all reports in certain folders.

Report-level permissions: Users can access as many or few individual reports — or parts of reports — as necessary.

Attribute-based access control for reports: Users who share an attribute, such as department or managerial level, etc., can access folders and reports tagged for that attribute.


Following a vendor-agnostic approach, we customize each Reporting Bridge to work with your Crystal reports or other business intelligence/reporting systems as well as proprietary reporting applications and databases. It doesn’t require an additional license, and it doesn’t limit the number of reports you can publish. Most common filetypes are supported, including:

  • PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Text
  • CSV


Our Reporting Bridge also features bursting capabilities to allow different groups of people to access different areas of a report.

Software requirements

The Reporting Bridge needs nothing out of the ordinary to publish and distribute your reports.

  • Windows Server for deployment
  • IIS server 8 or higher
  • Report viewer for the filetypes you publish
  • .Net framework 3.5 or higher
  • Active Directory read-access permissions on server

If you’re using Crystal Reports, you’ll need only one license of Crystal Designer to write the reports. You also have the option of adding report writing to the Reporting Bridge service.

Raise your reporting expectations to new lows


Low cost: This solution uses easily accessible freeware components wherever possible, keeping the price as low as possible.

Low impact: In most Windows environments, all the functions of our Reporting Bridge live on the server, minimizing the impact on your environment.

Low entry: Implementation is quick and easy. It starts with a consultation to gather your requirements and schedule the installation. Then, in a couple of weeks, you can be distributing reports throughout your organization securely, at a lower cost and with far less effort than the alternatives.

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