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Providing a toolkit of resources to senior citizens

HopeTech places a special emphasis on reaching communities that are underserved by technology with a focus on senior adults. The mission of HopeTech is to provide a toolkit of resources to senior citizens who may not be tech-savvy regarding computer usage. These tools comprise “TechASYST,” a program that enables Atos employees to provide educational life empowerment programs through technology. HopeTech also seeks out Senior Centers and agencies to offer online training classes.


Resource hub and knowledge center


Virtual and live support in underserved communities


Boost user confidence to use and interact with technology


Atos partners with community groups


Atos employees offer hope through technology


Assistive technology – assisting visually or hearing-impaired users in selecting and configuring their technology devices and applications



Internet safety – assisting users and agencies with training to help them avoid risky activities on the internet

Network security – assisting users and small non-profits to configure their IT environment and networks safely and effectively

Online presence – assisting agencies in setting up or optimizing their websites and social media platforms

Additional Resources

Choosing the right Device

Learn which Desktops and laptops are right for you!

Internet Safety

Learn how to stay safe on the Internet!

Internet Security Do’s and Don’ts
A short document on what you should do and not do

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Atos employees offer hope through technology

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Career Expo

The Career Expo is the ideal opportunity for you to explore and gather STEAM-related career and college information. Exhibitors, professionals, and local colleges will feature their careers and showcase real-world applications of STEAM. During the Expo, you can network with professionals to learn about their careers, as well as discover what college courses to take to pursue careers in STEAM fields.

Join this interactive and highly engaging event where representatives from local companies get to know you and answer your questions!

Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions are short presentations by supporting industry partners consisting of a 20-minute presentation followed by an interactive question and answer session. Sessions will cover a range of interesting topics. Attend one or two inspiring sessions for a fun and energizing way to learn something new!