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Toward the interactive digital fan experience

Megatrends in Sports & Entertainment: The rules of the game are changing

Fans’ relationship with sport is now more engaging, direct and personalized than ever. They want to be fully immersed and part of the event, even if not there in person. Rights holders must now consider their global audience and legislative obligations.

Digital is transforming the fan experience while changing the way content is produced, distributed and consumed. But while new digital services open up new opportunities, sports & entertainment stakeholders must accelerate their digital transformation journey, or face losing fans’ attention for good…

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expected total value of the global sports market by 2021


revenue in eSports to double between 2017 and 2020


is the annual global revenue of the overall sports market (incl. sporting goods, licensed products; health & fitness clubs)


stadium and sports complex construction projects worth $130bn up to 2021. 41% in North America, 25% in Europe, 25% in APAC, 9% in the Middle-East and < 1% in LATAM

The sports & entertainment market is booming. New digital services are increasing interactivity and creating new opportunities for revenue growth. Technology and data bring the positive emotion of sports and live entertainment to the fans, no matter where they are.

Patrick Adiba,

CEO Olympics & Major Events, Atos

Four transformation challenges and opportunities for the future of Sports

fan experience

Data shows sports organizations leveraging gamification techniques and contextualizing spectator experiences can increase stadium attendance by 25% and time spent in fan shops by 45%.

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operational efficiency

The Cloud and IoT combined with advanced analytics and machine learning offer sports organizations new operational efficiencies through real-time monitoring, condition-based maintenance and cost reduction. Cloud can reduce the cost of a major event by 30% to 35%, and provides flexible pay-as-you-go pricing.

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Reshape business
and rights models

Digital disruption is changing the traditional sports business model where main incomes came through broadcasting rights, ticketing, merchandising and sponsorship. A multi-sided approach would allow data to be shared for the benefit of all participants and allow the local economy to benefit from events organized in the city.

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predictive security & compliance

Today’s global sports organizations are required to implement new regulations around data privacy and protection, with different local application characteristics and local protection laws in each country. In the next two years, predictive security will reinforce the security perimeter while automatically reacting in real time with limited human interaction.

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Take a look at the key technologies that will shape the future of Sports & Entertainment:


Data Platforms enable an ecosystem of companies with sports organizations at the center, exchanging data to bring fans a better service and experience. Sports organizations should set a data strategy and develop a new operating model with ecosystem partners.


Virtual Assistants/Bots/Conversational UI offer fans a better service by providing personalized attention in their native language and improving accessibility by reading results to a blind person, for instance. Sports organizations should adopt these technologies immediately to rapidly improve customer experience and reduce cost.


Internet of Things/Edge/Sensors is making the smart venue a reality, capturing all data along the entire fan journey. Sports organizations should perform proof of concepts to identify relevant data, how to generate personalized experiences and ways to make the venue more efficient and secure.


Gamification opens new channels for engaging with spectators and converting them into active participants in games and challenges before, during and after the event. Sports organizations should leverage gamification techniques to touch fans’ emotions, enhancing intimacy between them and the event organizer.


Augmented Reality creates immersive experiences inside a venue, mixing the real world with data so fans can better understand what is happening in the game. Sports organizations should start adopting and performing proof of concepts to find relevant use cases.


Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning will radically change the experience with new personalized services based on fan and athlete data, results prediction and real-time translation for overseas visitors. Sports organizations should explore these technologies within their data strategy.


Blockchain is digitalizing and securing ticketing and payments in venues, shops and other sports property owner facilities. Sports organizations need to digitize tickets to remove paper and avoid resale on the black market.


5G promises broader bandwidth and speed transmission, enabling huge volumes of data and video through the network. Sports Organizations should investigate Telecom operators’ new business models to provide local services and plan proof of concepts with technology partners.


Swarm Cloud strategies orchestrate the multitude of venue systems to create on-demand processing capabilities, allowing seamless experiences across stadiums and events. Stadium owners should consider offering this service to enrich experiences while lowering cost, attracting more events.


Object-Oriented Media promises to change linear broadcasting into immersive broadcasting. Broadcasting and sports companies should explore how these technologies can create a 3D broadcast while allowing fans to navigate into the action and watch the event from any angle they desire.

1Data Platforms 2Virtual Assistants/Bots/Conversational UI 3IoT/Edge/Sensors 4Gamification 5Augmented Reality 6Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning 7Blockchain 85G 9Swarm Cloud 10Object-Oriented Media
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