The path to information dominance

Megatrends in Defense: A world of new tensions

War has returned. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, there was hope for an ‘End of History.’ But tensions are rising all over the world, showing threats have not disappeared.

While Defense must adapt its strategies and tactic, new digital technologies are not only progressively transforming armies as we knew them but also opening extraordinary opportunities to build the Defense of the 21st century.

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Defense spending is at its highest level since the Cold War


will be spent on military robots in 2022


will be devoted to defense IT spending in 2020


should be devoted to C4ISR in 2022

Tomorrow’s wars will be radically different. As digital changes the world, it’s essential that Defense prepares for information dominance.

Stéphane Janichewski,

Senior Vice President, Head of Defense & Aerospace, Atos

Four transformation challenges and opportunities for the future of Defense

soldier efficiency

What is the best way to fight in the information and smart machine era? With digital intelligence and robotics, soldiers can do more than just make the most of their forces; they can also dramatically minimize the risk of casualties...

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military operations

Armies are only as strong as their weakest link. This calls for supreme information management alongside seamless operational data flow across the whole chain of command. What’s essential: grasping everything needed for victory…

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new missions into account

As technologies, demographics, scarcity of energy resources and multipolar geopolitics rapidly transform the world, Defense must evolve its missions. What’s at stake for armies: being highly adaptable to win the 21st century’s wars in an increasingly complex and networked world...

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for cyberwar

While digitization brings numerous opportunities to Defense, it also opens a new front: the cyber-world. Essential for boosting military efficiency, cyber-technologies can also be leveraged as a weapon. With the annual cost of cybercrime alone expected to range from $ 1 to $ 6 trillion, now is the time to be ready for info-war….

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Take a look at the key technologies that will shape the future of Defense:


Next-Generation Battle Management Systems are unified C4ISR systems for land, air and sea battlefields that streamline information flow between all levels of command. A cornerstone for info-dominance, they simplify sharing the tactical situation and orchestrating actions between connected HQ, vehicles and combatants, turning data into knowledge and knowledge into action.


Artificial Intelligence promises to second human cognitive capabilities with virtual assistants, knowledge engineering and smart machines. From intelligence & reconnaissance to computational military reasoning or autonomous combat systems, military applications are numerous. Defense players must experiment with the most mature use cases now.


Prescriptive Security uses real-time dark web monitoring, AI and automation to detect potential threats and stop them before they strike. Applications range from cyber-protection to connected military equipment security. Defense players should integrate it into their information and operational Security Operation Centers.


Field Collaboration Systems are an ecosystem of 4G mobile technologies and connected military equipment (rugged tablet, connect assault rifles, drones, tactile watches, laser sight binoculars, …) enabling teams to share and collaborate easily for missions in mobile tactical bubbles. They must be at the heart of connected forces strategies.


Smart Machines are promising to revolutionize military environments, with potential applications such as Autonomous Weapons Systems (including unmanned aerial, surface and underwater vehicles) as well as military robotics and cruise missile.


Augmented and Virtual Reality are blurring real and virtual worlds, allowing combat and defense forces to get augmented information within the context of their current environment. Defense players should test use cases in wargaming, training, information management and combat assistance.


Swarm Computing or ‘hive computing’ are massively distributed, self-organizing systems of intelligent systems that work collaboratively towards a strategic objective. Promising applications include fleets of Unmanned Air Vehicles for reconnaissance, strike or jamming. Armies must assess their potential now.


Blockchain is a potential game-changer for conducting or auditing exchanges with parties without prior trust relationships. In the defense field, it may apply in domains such as secure messaging, resilient communications or trusted logistics support


Quantum Computing promises to break traditional combinatory analysis limitations, bringing in disruptive advances in cryptanalysis, simulation, Big Data and intelligence capabilities. Defense players must start preparing for both quantum computing and quantum-safe cryptography.


Brain-Computer Interfaces promise to leverage neural sciences to establish a direct communication pathway between humans and digital devices or machines. While yet prospective, these technologies could have disruptive applications in telepresence, robotic augmentation, warfighting and also mind control. Defense organizations should start exploring them.

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