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Navigate through Journey 2020 by clicking on the four sources of digital disruption and explore 19 emerging and evolving research topic areas that we expect to play a major role in business in the Digital Shockwaves context.

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Business Models

Business Model disruptions are arising through new sources of business value and partnership, driven by data and connectivity. Discover how companies are taking advantage of digital technologies to find new markets, business models and revenue streams.

Evolving Challenges

Evolving Challenges are those areas which present familiar challenges, but need to be addressed differently as a result of emerging new influences.

Ways of working

Ways of Working are being disrupted through changes in business processes and the evolution of the very nature of work. We look ahead at how people will collaborate with people, machines and virtual beings in entirely new ways.

Disruptive technologies

Disruptive Technologies explores how certain technologies may create notable societal and economic disruptions.

Foreword to Journey 2020

By Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO Atos

Welcome to Journey 2020, our vision of the evolving world of business, society and technology, and of the forces that will shape your business during the next few years.

Welcome to Journey 2020

Looking towards 2020, it is clear that the pace and impact of technology on business and society is increasing. The changing business models and applications of technology we have already observed in the B2C world are now propagating through B2B interactions, creating a series of « Digital Shockwaves » which will have far-reaching consequences in all parts of the organization.

“The impact of Digital Shockwaves on business will intensify competition in all industries”
“Industrial Data Platforms will be the controlled medium for data intensive inter-enterprise collaboration”

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