The security challenges of digital transformation

The last ten years of IT have been about changing the way people work. The next ten years of IT will be about transforming your business

Aaron Levie, CEO of Box

Dear readers,

Welcome to a brand new edition of Atos Digital Security Magazine, where we focus on understanding the security challenges of digital transformation. This topic resonates with each one of us, as every company is going through its own digital transformation and overcoming its own unique challenges.

The question today is not whether a company should go through digital transformation, but rather how it should plan and execute this change. Companies are revisiting their operating models to ensure agility, higher efficiency, flexibility, cost reduction and innovation, to provide a more adaptable and resilient customer experience. Reaction speed, innovation and optimization are often the main goals of digitalization, along with the right mindset, progressive culture and best practices.

In this edition, we will feature several articles that will showcase the importance of digital transformation, its security challenges, and the elements needed for an effective transformation in your organization. We will demonstrate how security positively impacts change — becoming a necessity in a pandemic context where threats are a constant reality.

Our experts and contributors have considered a wide range of topics — from the normalization of digital transformation to DevSecOps. We will also showcase how a secure and effective digital transformation helps you increase customer satisfaction and boost market performance.

We have invited our partner from Microsoft to share their views on a world without boundaries, how cybersecurity and technology are crossing those boundaries, and how organizations can modernize for longevity and sustainability.

Digital transformation is creating many new opportunities for us to consider, bringing an exciting future with its own security challenges that must be addressed.

For CISOs and security leaders worldwide, it is not a matter of whether we want to participate in the journey, but about how we take the lead in securing the digital transformation journey. Absence is not an option; we need to be the change agents that our organizations expect us to be.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who makes the magazine possible, including our readers, our contributors, editorial board and our production team. We hope you will enjoy the read and find impactful elements to continue your digital transformation journey.

Eyal Asila
Head of Digital Cyber Consulting Practice

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