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Knowledge is power on the journey to net zero

To take and measure effective climate action, you need ready access to reliable and complete environmental and scientific information. Terra² is a ground-breaking app that puts objective data about our entire planet into the palm of your hands.

With Terra², any government or public agency can gain new insight to help shape policy-making and planning – from the impact of urbanization, to the effects of deforestation, to air quality and pollution monitoring. Terra² provides five years of data, so you can accurately compare and measure developments and progress over time.

Turn this unique wealth of data into concerted climate action

No need to spend any more time and effort collecting and validating data from different sources.

  • Use a selection of tracking options, such as Air Pollutants, Pollutant Evolution, and Carbon Monitoring
  • Track effects across chosen cities or regions
  • Access analysis by sector to understand the effects of carbon emission
  • Use Terra² to educate your citizens in understanding each pollutant, their effects on our health and the environment, and actions to reduce them
  • Check the pollutant evolution from COP21 to COP26 to accelerate your net-zero journey with the power of data

Terra² is unique thanks to strong partnerships with the European Space Agency, leading international laboratories and research institutes, and the Mundi Consortium, which helps organizations to benefit from Copernicus, the largest-ever earth observation program, plus thousands of land, air and marine-based sensors and systems. Make informed decisions and take the lead on decarbonization today. That’s Transformation for Good.

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Terra² app for net zero (Con’t)

Unique repository of objective scientific data

Regional, national, international perspectives, with visualization tools

Turnkey applications, plus boundless possibilities

Monitor greenhouse gas, pollution, water, vegetation, temperature, and more

Support turning insight into action

Interoperability, simplicity, flexibility, with access to scientific and technical resources

Terra² is a powerful tool on the journey to net zero.

Available in seven languages for all mobile devices, it’s guaranteed to give you a new perspective.