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Get inspired with Atos Scientific Moonshot Series

An Atos hosted series of events where we invite external visionaries to share their insights and expertise on advanced scientific research. The aim is to introduce Atos clients, partners, leading managers and experts to scientific moonshot thinking which will impact their own business and the business of their clients in the coming years. Moonshot thinking is described as pursuing something that may seem unachievable, but if realized could rewrite our collective futures.

While IT has drastically evolved in the past decades, we still rely, to control our machines, on an invention more than 150 years old: the qwerty keyboard (1868). Time for a change!

Edition 2

Our second visionary keynote – Redefining Possible.

For this exceptional event, taking place on Wednesday 26th of May 2021 from 2:00pm to 3.30pm CET, we will be joined by Jared Adams, Chief of Communications for DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Department of Defense).

Jared Adams will set out the key pillars to the success of the US disruptive innovation agency. Helping us to learn about DARPA’s unique methodology to people, process and culture. DARPA’sRedefining Possible is a culture which encourages reaching for outsized impact with calculated risks.

Established in 1958 in the United States, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the source of a number of the world’s changing innovations, which often have spinoffs far beyond defense: from the network at the base of the Internet (ARPANET), the graphical interfaces of computers, drones, technologies enabling autonomous vehicles to novel vaccine technology. It was all started by DARPA. The peculiarity of DARPA is to have adopted a hyper-agile operation to manage research projects not exceeding 3 years.

Past Events

Edition 1

Brain-Computer Interfaces: from Science-Fiction to Reality?

We had the pleasure to host Nataliya Kosmyna, a research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for this first edition. She will lead us on a journey to understand more about Brain-Computer Interfaces and discuss with Atos Scientific Community the emergence of the “Internet of Bodies”.

Nataliya is passionate about an idea of creating a partnership between AI and human intelligence, fusion of a machine and a human brain. For the past ten years, Nataliya is working on designing end-to-end systems which use brain activity of a person to enhance and augment human performance, including attention, focus and communication.

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