Intelligent Supply Chain

Improving visibility to make better strategic choices

SAP and the Intelligent Supply Chain


Modernize your Supply Chain with smart and predictive processes, including the SAP S/4HANA Digital Core and Cloud Solutions. We’ll orchestrate your architecture with BW, EWM, IBP, Ariba – as well as AI and automation to optimize your processes. Implement Smart Maintenance for low cost and high productivity with S/4H Enterprise Asset Management and Customer Management & Field Service. The result: a balanced and optimized Supply Chain to deliver new products and services based on effective supplier networks.

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What Does an Intelligent Supply Chain Do?

The Benefits of Intelligent Supply Chains

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Supply Chain Solutions

  • Leverage modern analytics for IT-OT integration and intelligent, up-to-the-minute insights into supply chain risks.
  • Helps track and improve logistics operations with precise time of arrival, latest point of shipment, in-transport visibility, shop floor tracking & traceability.
  • Best-in-class solution with integrated Atos and Siemens technologies.
  • Better reliability with transparent goods flow and quality
  • Greater Flexibility & optimized routes
  • Improved margins and reduced risk
  • Lower cost through reduced inventory
  • Sustainability through reduced trips, miles & parts
  • End-to-end services, from value identification to an integrated PaaS solution
  • Multi-purpose enabling platform extends across the ecosystem to support business model changes
  • High performance, with near real-time anomaly detection
  • Pre-integrated solutions with built-in security delivered at global scale
  • Collaborative, KPI-driven approach involves partners for faster ROI

Sample Use Cases

A leading auto manufacturer leveraged a Proof of concept / Proof of value project for Precise Time of Arrival using Industrial IoT for supply chain.

Set up a Digital Factory (ME/MII Integration) and Integrate the ERP system with the production environment