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Smart Factory Solutions


No factory is an island. Integrating systems and data within and across the enterprise is essential to insights that keep productivity high and costs low. Your ERP system can play a pivotal role in creating visibility, security and integration of your smart factory.

Learn more about integrating your ERP with MES, PLM, sensors and more.

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What Does Smart Factory Integration Do?

The Benefits of ERP in your Smart Factory

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Plant Connectivity

  • Real-time IT/OT connectivity from the shop floor to ERP, MES, data lakes and cloud-based applications using established connectors and protocols.
  • Seamless integration and connectivity with horizontal and vertical entities in the manufacturing environment.
  • Robust cybersecurity network to identify and address threats to plant data, systems & industrial networks.
  • Enable decisions and interventions in real-time which improve plant availability and productivity and improve production quality.
  • Use insights from new data sources to lower energy consumption and reduce waste.
  • Create a ‘smart factory platform’ on which new, performance-enhancing applications can be developed.
  • Improved responsiveness and faster communication.
  • Strategic partnerships with leading software & technology providers.
  • MES preparedness solution.
  • Expert technology consultants, to analyze and optimize solutions for reliable connectivity.
  • Integration with IoT and 5G, for connected self-driving machines on the factory floor.

Sample Use Cases

A Truck Manufacturer built seamless integration between ERP and MES, enabling the tracking of over 100 KPIs.

A Paint manufacturer built seamless integration between ERP, MES and shop floor for real-time plant and warehouse visualization, EWM collaboration, OEE and plant maintenance.