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Digital Incubator


Innovation may start with a good idea, but exploration, design and refinement are the tools to realize the results. Accelerate the development of new and innovative digital solutions with our proven approach.

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What is a Digital Incubator?

Innovation with Impact

Trust Atos to Nurture Your Innovations

  • An accelerated approach to design, develop and refine a working prototype solution to address a business problem.
  • Agile sprint approach to enable rapid co-creation and validation of business solution ideas.
  • Rapid prototyping to create interactive visual representations of solutions to enable user testing and feedback early in the process.
  • Tangible outcomes – a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) – through a series of agile development sprints in a very short timeframe.

  • Full range of skills to maximize value – manufacturing industry knowledge, Agile development experts, UX designers and software developers.
  • Proven, accelerated approach to identify potential solutions and rapidly evolve and iterate a product design to address your business problem.
  • Highly collaborative approach to involve your stakeholders in the design process and instill business ownership.
  • Working prototypes that can be used immediately to start adding value.

Sample Use Cases

This global manufacturer improved production planning with advanced analytics algorithms, leading to improved forecast accuracy and reduced lead time.

An automotive giant accelerated the development process for new vehicle chassis design, enabling engineers to improve ride comfort and safety features for new cars.