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SAP CX Solutions


Transform and digitize your Customer Experience (CX) processes to increase effectiveness and efficiency. Integrated C/4 HANA and S/4 HANA logistics processes end data silos to create a unified data model and cross-platform integrations, with cloud-native solutions for sales, service, marketing, e-commerce, and customer data management.

Modernize your customer experience end-to-end.

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Benefits of SAP CX Solutions

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Customer Experience

  • Gap assessment to compare current journey against customer expectations and benchmarks.
  • Clear strategy to improve ROI and process efficiency.
  • Transformation strategy and technology roadmap to achieve customer relationship excellence.
  • End-to-end customer journey modeling, considering all dimensions from operations to IT systems.
  • Reduced Operating Costs. The SAP C/4HANA suite is designed to enable businesses to deliver unique, trusted, and personalized journeys to your customers.
  • Improved User Experience. Employing a unified data model and cross-platform integrations, these solutions help organizations break down silos between various systems, unifying consumer- and operational data.
  • Better Business Benefits. Applying advanced business intelligence to fuel experiences that are consistent, relevant, and based on customers’ permissions and preferences.
  • Consulting and technology expertise to identify levers to create value-adds, blending business and technology capabilities for best-of-breed digital solutions.
  • Analytics-driven approach that combining multiple datasets to discover pain points, trends and demands in order to increase advocacy, market value, loyalty and revenue.

Sample Use Cases

Uncovered 21 new revenue opportunities with an estimated 20M EURO benefit

79% ROI with net value impact of €10M