Business Case for Digital Investment

Let Atos bring you an end-to-end view

Business Case for Digital Investments


Be confident that your digital investments have a clear financial justification. Our end-to-end view of solutions, infrastructure, services and process objectives results in a comprehensive view of the costs and benefits of planned technology investments.

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What Do You Get with a Business Case?

The Benefits of an Atos Business Case

Trust Atos for Your Business Case

  • A robust business case to justify digital transformation investments.
  • Structured approach to identify relative value priorities, confidence levels and steps to realizing business value to inform implementation priorities.
  • Extract learning from pilot projects to refine business case estimates.
  • Efficient tracking of value delivery and progress towards business goals.

An iterative, sprint-driven methodology:

  • Options Analysis
  • Cost-Benefit Modeling
  • Hypothesis Development

Exploration of digital solution options with a focus on Process, People & Technology

Clarity about:

  • What you need
  • What’s achievable
  • What’s affordable
  • What’s viable
  • Value for your money
  • Deep experience in digital transformation that enables us to identify high-value priorities and expected return on investment.
  • Atos helps organizations make informed investment decisions based on our significant experience in shaping and delivering digital transformation programs that meet business objectives.
  • Expertise providing guidance on how benefits will be realized, how they can be measured, and reliable benchmarks.

Sample Use Cases

Delivered the business case for investing in key digital/IT capabilities required for IT function to deliver value from customer experience at airports.

Developed 3-year business case to transform from an asset-centric business model to a customer-focused approach.