Application Management Services (AMS)

Lower cost. Higher Performance. End-to-End.

Proactive Monitoring, End-to-End

Atos monitors your IT landscape, end-to-end, keeping watch over business process performance. We stay ahead of problems by looking for early indicators and taking immediate action to resolve them.

Atos delivers full-stack AMS, from platform (in-house or cloud) to applications and user support – including third-party apps. With comprehensive visibility, issues are clearly and quickly identified and addressed with expertise. It all translates into higher performance, lower costs and happier users.

Proven Automation

Atos leads the industry in AMS Automation. Our expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) come to life in market-proven Atos Syntbots. Combined with standard open source platforms, we commonly reduce support tickets 15% to 18% and cut SLA response times 15% to 20%.

How? Faster triage. Automated resolutions, where possible. Digital Assistants for standard and self-serve help without help desk staff support.

Shared Delivery Model

For SAP application support, a shared delivery model translates to speed, experience and economy.

Smart clustering by industry, geography and type means you have access to a broad and deep application support expertise across the globe. This expertise and efficiency results in faster, smarter resolutions and lower costs.

Brilliant Transitions

Transitioning to a new AMS set-up is critical to long-term success – whether from your in-house team, another service provider or an implementation team.

For each transition, we create a comprehensive Knowledge Academy, using the latest tools to ensure accessibility and effectiveness. We document how each process works, repair procedures, change management factors, and more. The processes are recorded in their optimal state, creating a clear reference for service. This means changes and issues are tackled with speed and quality.

Atos Application Management Services

The Benefits of Atos AMS: Cost & Efficiency

The Atos AMS Difference

  • Define and install IT governance and service integration for managing and providing end-to-end services
  • Deliver DevOps (Agile scrum) services to manage projects and system maintenance combined in one service organization
  • Apply service automation and test management along the full application lifecycle to reduce costs
  • Leverage SAP Solution Manager, JIRA and Confluence to record knowledge
  • Manage Authorizations (SAP Authorization Mgmt.) for compliance management
  • Reduced TCO 15% to 20%
  • Reduce Support tickets 15% to 20%
  • Reduced Time-to-Resolution 15% to 20%
  • Reduce Aging Tickets 15% to 20%

SAP Global Outsourcing Services
Partner of the Year

  • Proven, industry-leading automation for optimal performance and cost savings
  • End to end business process management delivery across SaaS, PaaS and IaaS deployments
  • ATOS Agile and SAP Center of Excellence guides project teams to deliver Dev-ops models and tools
  • Measure and Improve Business outcomes, through solution initiatives, designed & delivered with business functions
  • Operation and tactical change management through our matured transition approach

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