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Digital Transformation accelerated. Irrespective of their industry, the companies that were most successful in recent times, were the ones that could adapt quickly, realize new business models and take data-driven decisions. Versatility, agility and sustainability have become essential.

Atos and SAP partner to accelerate our customers secure and decarbonized business transformation, realizing results for them to become more successful, resilient, and sustainable. We believe that Cloud is a key vehicle for business transformation, because it delivers speed, flexibility and innovation.

Through Rise with SAP, Atos delivers Industry-driven Business Platform Solutions that create scalable, resilient and long-term capabilities that help grow your business, address market dynamics, develop new sustainable business models to delight your customers, and deliver a best-in-class experience to your employees and partners across the value chain. Atos is with you very step of the transformation journey

Atos is not only a partner but also a Customer of RISE with SAP. “Walking-the-Talk allows us to share first-hand experiences, best practices, and benefits with our customers.

RISE with SAP and Atos, and realize your business transformation journey.

Today about 10% of business-critical applications are in the cloud. We expect that will increase fast to 28% in 2024

– Nourdine Bihmane, Atos Group Management Committee.
January 2021.

What is RISE With SAP ?

RISE with SAP the solution to become an intelligent, sustainable enterprise in the cloud. It offer a comprehensive solution with cloud ERP for every need with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, industry next practices & cloud solutions and analytics and business process intelligence. All delivered through a Guided journey and outcome-driven services from SAP and its partners.

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Atos Rises with SAP to Help Enterprises Become More Flexible and Sustainable

Atos executive Robert Vassoyan explains the advantages of #RISEwithSAP for companies seeking to accelerate their business transformation and highlights the need to step up decarbonization efforts for a more sustainable future. Data equity, employee engagement and partnerships will be needed to build back better after the pandemic.

Defining true transformation in the digital age

All organizations are on their own business transformation journeys, however not every IT project is a digital transformation. SAP was Platinum sponsor of Atos Technology Days. Join Brian Duffy’s ( President of Cloud at SAP) session, as he dissects what it means to truly transform a business with the use of data and connected platforms.

Atos migrated its SAP S/4HANA ERP to the Cloud through RISE with SAP

Frédéric Aubrière, CIO of Atos, talks about the successful move all 42 of its business-critical systems with more than 500 interfaces, from its SAP S/4HANA on-premise instance to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. For all 105,000 employees across 71 countries, in less than nine months.

The migration to Microsoft Azure cloud, through RISE with SAP accelerates its Digital Transformation and enables Atos to better support its clients’ move to the cloud with its own first-hand best practice.

Atos Business Platform for RISE with SAP brings together the best Atos has to offer on Business -, Cloud- and Service Transformation. Simplifying and accelerating your time to value and delivering sustainable business operations

Business Transformation

Atos Business Platform for RISE with SAP transforms businesses, including their entire ecosystem, delivering flexibility, scalability, and fewer failures throughout the supply chain. Atos offers ready-to- deploy pre-configured business solutions for Manufacturing, CPG, Utilities, Public Sector, and more. These business solutions significantly accelerate your time to value.

Cloud Transformation

Atos Business Platform for RISE with SAP delivers dynamic business scalability through the cloud . The Atos OneCloud foundation provides safe and secure migration to RISE. Atos ensures a business- driven, outcome-based, future-state architecture to customers. Cost-savings of up to 40% can be achieved.

Service Transformation

Atos Business Platform for RISE with SAP provides simplified migration and management. Reducing TCO and simplifying the commercial construct. Solutions from AppDynamics and ServiceNow are integrated to deliver best-in-class user experiences and operational change management. Other solutions include Orchestrated Hybrid Cloud for SAP, BlueBox, NowMigrate, Digital Performance Management for SAP.

Sustainable Business Operations

As part of Atos Business Platform for RISE with SAP we embed Sustainability through our Sustainability Life Cycle Management (SLCM) for SAP, solutions. These deliver green outcomes in every process, from Purchasing, Production, to Waste Management and Governance. The Atos solutions enforce compliance in every step, and are managed, monitored and measured.


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First Partner and Customer of Rise With SAP

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Press Release

Atos is one of the very first SAP global partners to go live on SAP S/4HANA® Cloud, private edition, a core component of the RISE with SAP. This successful implementation spanned across the entire Atos business – to all 105,000 employees across 71 countries – and made possible in record time.

Press Release

Atos uses RISE with SAP as a platform for innovation. Anna Masters, global head of value-added resellers at SAP, talked to Praveen Bhat, our Global SAP Practice Leader, about RISE with SAP, co-innovation, and decarbonization.


Brian Duffy, President, SAP EMEA North, and Elie Girard (former Atos CEO) have a 20 minute session about trends, business critical applications and the journey to the cloud

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See how Mitsubishi Electric achieved 97% spare-parts availability within 24 hours and 25% more efficient supply chain with a smart SAP Customer Service solution.

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