Ransomware Defense 2022

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Atos insights on emerging trends, combat strategies and solutions to enable an effective ransomware defense

Stopping ransomware: a proven real-world framework

Ransomware is today’s biggest threat — and it’s everyone’s problem. It’s targeting every industry and every sized organization. No matter who you are, you are at risk.

Thankfully, it’s possible to prevent most ransomware and limit the damage from any incident you suffer. While there is no “silver bullet” that stops ransomware for good, you can deploy strategies, tactics, and tools that have been proven to work against real-world ransomware attacks.

We wrote this e-book to give you this proven ransomware defense. Atos has extensive front-line experience combating ransomware, and we have put our most extensive “from the trenches” lessons into this e-book.

In the e-book, you will learn:

  • Why ransomware is the threat you must focus on today
  • How ransomware evolved over the years to become today’s most significant threat
  • What today’s worst attacks look like (including their key variants and signals)
  • Lessons from a real-world ransomware incident.
  • How to design and build the right ransomware defense for your organization.
  • The standard best practices that everyone must deploy against ransomware.
  • The six phases of defense you must develop to combat ransomware.
  • The specific capabilities you must build at each phase.
  • And how Atos can help you create and implement effective ransomware defenses swiftly

Ransomware is not going away. It will only grow more common, complex, and creative every year. Organizations need to erect effective defenses that can adapt and evolve to keep their organization safe. And this needs to be done before there is an actual attack.


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