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Network addressing

MAC identification

▶You will find a label on the right-hand side of the server. This MAC address is that of the BMC on the P0 port (green) called shared port.

▶ID example

–Add +1 to the last digit in order to find the next port´s MAC



  • Should the server (withoutstatic IP) be connected to a network without DHCP server, it will automatically generate an IPv4 LL address (IPv4 Link-Local in the range)
  • This IPv4 LL address (deletable anytime) is used for the server initial configuration.


  • Use BonjourBrowser to detect IPv4 LL (Link)
  • In the next firmware release (TS16.02), server name will be bullsequanaedge-SerialNumber instead of bullhwmipcs (eg. bullsequanaedge-XAN-SE1-00015)

Serial number is displayed on a label to be found on the the server chassis side