Innovation and evolution in Life Sciences

Science and technology are coming together to drive new levels of speed and agility across the sector. From bio-engineering breakthroughs to advances in computing, data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, this new wave of innovation is combining to drive the development of new and improved treatment options, and to accelerate their delivery to the frontline. Focusing on the journey from drug discovery to clinical trials, we uncover the latest technologies and approaches, and analyze their transformational impact.

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The science of technology:
Personal perspectives from sector experts

In today’s hyperconnected Life Sciences ecosystem, innovation increasingly demands collaboration. Here, scientists and researchers from across the Life Sciences sector offer their personal reflections of a sector in change

Redefining discovery, accelerating breakthroughs

Dr. Gemma Holliday, Lead Cheminformatian at Medicines Discovery Catapult, looks at the complex world of drug discovery and shares her observations on how data is helping to unlock and accelerate exciting new treatments.

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Driving insights and innovation in Life Sciences R&D

Dr. Katharina Lauer, Scientific Lead of BY-COVID at ELIXIR, shares her views on how the pandemic has helped shape the assimilation of scientific knowledge, and the role of bioinformatics in leveraging insight to drive innovation.

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Biobanks: a pillar of precision medicine

Dr. Neeta Bhatia, Global Portfolio Lead (Precision Medicine) at Atos Digital Health Solutions looks at the evolution of disease- and population-based biobanks and the role they play in accelerating the move to precision medicine.

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“The collaborative sharing of open data sets that occurred in response to the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates how drug discovery could be catalyzed to deliver huge benefits for public health.”

Dr. Gemma Holliday, Lead Cheminformatian at Medicines Discovery Catapult,

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Faster disease detection with Computer Vision

Dr Natalia Jimenez shares her views on how Computer vision can help to detect conditions before they become illnesses.


Transforming the drug discovery process with digital

How digital could help pharma reduce dependencies on external factors for clinical trials through remote data capture.


Virtual Humans

Peter Coveney discusses the future of medicine through the illustration of virtual humans and how technology is key in accelerating and supporting more informed research.

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