Digital store analytics tech for the new normal

Performance Management:

The Digital Store Playbook*

Why read this report?

A new crop of emerging technologies, and the solutions they power, will unleash a new cycle of rising expectations from buyers and employees, as well as changing behaviors and disruption. This report reviews the state of the store tracking and analytics market.

Retail professionals should use this overview to understand the potential of these solutions to inform their technology strategies as they plan for and operate in the post-pandemic “new normal” for retail stores.

Findings from the report

  • Store Analytics Are Essential For Immediate Agility And Long-Term Transformation
  • To Choose Store Tracking And Analytics Technology, Analyze Three Primary Factors
  • Different Market Conditions Require Different Tracking And Analytics Approaches


* A Forrester Research report by James McCormick and Scott Compton, August 6, 2021

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