Atos Engaged Employee Experience

as answer to challenges of healthcare providers

Healthcare providers are increasingly challenged with rising costs, lack of resource, patient expectations for lifelong personalized experience, prescriptive care, secure handling of personal data, the challenge and pressure of responding to the pandemic restrictions and the ever-growing expectation and demands of patients and employees.

Faced with all of this pressure the risk of staff burnout and major incidents is becoming inevitable. The potential for digital technology to provide a wide range of options to enable healthcare providers on their way to improvement, modernization, and efficiency is significant.

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The Atos Engaged Employee Experience (AEEE) covers all areas where healthcare provider have struggled traditionally with:

  • Smooth and secure migration to cloud
  • Modernization of end devices and applications
  • Faster decarbonization innovation to Net-zero targets
  • Automation of services and processes
  • Security of people, data, systems, and devices
  • Digital inclusion and accessibility

all required components to make the provision of healthcare efficient, cost effective, flexible, attractive, and enjoyable for both patients as for employees.

focus on employee and patient

With the focus on employee and patient, Atos supports its healthcare provider clients on their end-to-end digital transformation journey which includes setting out the digital strategy, implementation of technology and the ongoing business change support. As a worldwide recognised leader in Digital Transformation, Atos has significant knowledge and experience to support a healthcare provider in all phases of its digital journey.

Intelligent Care Center: Modern and Comfortable User Support

Some of the features offered by Atos AI-led Intelligent Care Center (ICC):

  • Chat and Voice Bots
  • Web Chat
  • User-facing Knowledge Management
  • Email Automation
  • Full automation of incident, task, and request fulfilment
  • Proactive and predictive analytics

ICC provides end users with the gateway to modern ways of accessing inclusive business support with 100% availability and extremely high satisfaction rates. Fully digitalized and always available, ICC satisfies the highest requirements and expectations of end users of different ages, professions, and levels of IT-confidence. Moreover, the analysis of end users data done by the ICC Proactive Experience Center, reduces the demand for support with proactive failure resolution, providing uninterruptable service improvement and end user satisfaction measured through Experience Level Agreements (XLA).

The adoption of the latest technology, including self-service portals remote mobile applications, virtual assistant (AVA) combined with automated translation into 38 languages, our cloud-based ICC platform enables healthcare providers to discover new forms of remote support and proactive collaboration. Tech Docs, Smart Vending and Lockers transform business with better service responsiveness, enhancing employees and patients’ technical horizons, empowering them with new skills, knowledges and abilities drawing in new talent attracted by the latest in modern ways of working.

Moreover, Atos Proactive Experience Center (PXC) provides help even before the end user is aware it is needed! End User Computing Analytics (EUCA) ensures proactive monitoring and management of the healthcare provider environment, which means eliminating problems before they happen and thus preventing the failure for avoidance of Incidents and improving the user experience. So, proactive care model leads to reduction of incidents, higher Employees’ efficiency, and user satisfaction as it is shown in example – scenario below.

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