Shaping the future of the NHS

Webinar Series

Shaping the future of the NHS whilst meeting today’s urgent operational demands

The pressures facing health systems are well known as the profound effects of the pandemic continue. Only by driving real innovation at pace can we respond to such complex priorities while optimising health and wellbeing of patients, carers and staff. With pressure to sustain and accelerate NHS digital transformation, the decisions made today need to be effective, efficient and future-proofed.

Atos, in collaboration with NHSX, is holding a series of events about how to meet current demand as part of a concerted digital journey. You’ll get input from digital pioneers, to inform your strategy and roadmap, plus learning and insight from real-life cases and experiences.

The series is designed to help you integrate what’s happened over the last 18 months, make the right decisions today, and lay the ground for your digital future.

We hope you can join us for valuable time to reflect, share and learn.

At each session you can:

  • Learn and share with your peers
  • Hear panel discussions, discover solutions and join the debate
  • Meet experts in the health ecosystem

Please note, you will need to register for each webinar separately.


Carbon Net Zero: Journey to a Greener NHS

“Going forward, changes will require significant infrastructure, and an associated increase in carbon emissions. While energy efficiency is improving all the time, a rapid growth in data demand and digital equipment has the potential to add to these emissions unless we specify lower carbon digital products and services” NHS Green Plan, 2020

Decarbonisation is crucial to the NHS’ ambition to meet its 2040 carbon net zero target. With the NHS accounting for 4% of the UK’s carbon footprint annually, and 53% of NHS trusts behind on, or without decarbonisation targets, we will be holding a panel session to discuss the key drivers of this transformation, backed by extensive experience and world class R&D, in order to contribute to your individual plans and discover solutions to the challenges you face.


  • Lisa Hollins, Director of Innovation, NHSX
  • Matt Gardner, Head of Elective Care, NHSX
  • Lauren Sugden, Healthcare & Life Sciences Decarbonisation Lead, Atos

Date: 9th February 2022

Time 3pm GMT

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Addressing digital inequalities in Healthcare

With high levels of digital exclusion and digital health literacy in people from deprived and excluded communities, how can we address the gap to move to a model of care designed for individuals, rather than the masses?

The pandemic has changed the way healthcare is delivered, but with remote healthcare and remote monitoring now commonplace, how can we solve the complexity and ambiguity that these systems present?

Join this webinar to discuss the challenges that the NHS face today, and what modifications can be made over the next 12-18 months through the implementation of digital technologies.


  • Dr Bola Owolabi, Director of Health Inequalities, NHS England & NHS Improvement
  • Inara Khan, Head of Innovation Delivery, NHSX
  • Neil Milliken, Global Head of Accessibility at Atos

Date: 23rd February

Time: 3pm GMT

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