Digital security of healthcare in the advancement of IoT

By Marjolaine Lombard, Cybersecurity Products Offering Manager, Atos.

The challenge

According to Frost & Sullivan’s Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Forecast to 2021 report, 20 billion to 30 billion connected IoT and medical devices are part of the healthcare ecosystem. This presents a substantial additional threat to the healthcare sector, which will impact healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, and patients. It will also require adherence to regulation and legislation that covers the management, security, and privacy of data.
Atos approach The benefits of wearables within the healthcare sector are huge but they are easily exploited in lateral attacks and ransomware.
The issue of data management and security is extremely complex within the healthcare sector with questions around who owns the data, processes the data and is ultimately responsible for its security.

The risk

Put bluntly, there is a risk to life if wearables and medical devices are not secure. The integrity of the data they hold is vital for patient care and any compromise in the use of devices such as pacemakers could have devastating consequences. This risk is also present across life sciences, if medicine or vaccine production data is compromised.

Atos approach

Data needs to be encrypted in transit and at rest and through each stage of a process. It helps us guarantee that only those with the right authentication can access sensitive data. On top of this, we use key management solutions, identity management, biometric identification solutions and electronic certificates to manage networks and gateways. This means data remains confidential and ensures a person’s right to privacy.
Blockchain is also emerging as a useful tool in data governance and ensuring the chain of responsibility is managed, monitored and verified.
Atos is also using biometric identification for a pharmaceutical manufacturer ensuring the secure log-in of employees on the production line through the wearing of an innovative wrist band. Beyond security, the solution has increased efficiency, transparency and productivity.

Encryption is an extremely powerful tool for data security within healthcare.

Marjolaine Lombard

Cybersecurity Products Offering Manager, Atos

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By Marjolaine Lombard, Cybersecurity Products Offering Manager, Atos