Conversational Commerce

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Customers are at the heart of retail

Currently, consumers interact instore, online and through mobile devices. Today’s retailers must find new ways to attract customers. Smart speakers are becoming more popular and offer a new touchpoint that was not viable before. The increasing use of voice-based apps and smart speakers make this channel an important new avenue for customer interaction that enhances support and sales experience.

The Conversational Commerce solution from Atos helps retailers rapidly transform their goal to take the customer dialogue outside the walls of the store while protecting their privacy and data.

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Blog: The conversational AI renaissance starts now: What comes next?

Before you know it, voice assistants will have shifted from digital tools to social peers. Here’s how it’s already playing out. With more people staying at home, consumer brands are set to see a huge increase in traffic from home devices. Juniper Research anticipates the number of digital voice assistants in use will triple to 8.4 billion by 2024, up from an estimate of 2.5 billion at the end of 2018. Read more

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Damart innovates by launching its voice application via Google Assistant

Damart has been an innovative brand for 65 years, through the development of textile technology labels. Today, through our first voice application, we’re highlighting our pioneering DNA and we’re supporting the brand’s new momentum through its return to TV, the development of its omnichannel model, and its dynamic of winning over new generations of customers and employees. This application, developed with our partner Atos, is a first step for Damart towards conversational commerce, and allows us to cultivate the appeal of our brand, which today places IT at the heart of its transformation.” – Thomas Masurel, CIO Damart

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