Broadcast Network Control System+

Comprehensive control and monitoring for media networks

Broadcast Network Control System (BNCS+) for Media


The Atos Broadcast Network Control System (BNCS+) is a proven way to orchestrate IT for Media. Leading broadcasters have come to rely on BNCS+ to control and automate their broadcast transmissions. They know from experience that BNCS+ is the most reliable and flexible control platform on the market – critical to efficient, reliable content delivery across all channels, all the time. Watch this video to learn more:

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BNCS+ Solution Brochure

The Atos Broadcast Network Control System (BNCS+) integrates and orchestrates both physical and virtual resources and workflows, providing precise, intuitive management control within media hybrid infrastructures.


Case Study

ITV Daytime

With packed programming and all the intense pressures of mixed-format live television, ITV Daytime relies on BNCS+ for its on-air transmissions to millions of viewers every day.


Expert Insights

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How to seamlessly control the entire broadcast chain, from video and audio to metadata content? Our expert Ross Atkin guides you through our BNCS and the use cases developed with our customers.

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Going Live and Remote

The series with reports and webcasts explore best practices in live remote production, live content and remote working for media companies.



Twitch Goes Mainstream – Another Nail in the Coffin for Linear TV?

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The changing face of broadcast media

More than ever, access to quality content defines success in a world where the number of different channels and platforms are proliferating and consumer choice has never been higher.

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Control is the key with BNCS+

Control is the key with BNCS+: How smart broadcasters make the digital revolution work for them.

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Coming soon – the new season of your favorite show, maybe

Let’s have a look at the challenges media is facing today and the priorities they should focus on to overcome the COVID-19 challenges.

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The new face of home entertainment at the times of COVID-19

We will have to think differently and find new and the best ways to do things.

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