Bare Metal as a service (BMaaS)

A path to modernize your application infrastructure landscape

Bare metal: New opportunities for cloud providers


In every sector, cloud is rapidly becoming mainstream. Business and technology leaders know that only cloud can offer them the agility, efficiency and flexibility they need in the digital age. Yet while enterprises want to embrace the opportunities of the modern day cloud, they don’t want to cause unnecessary disruption to their existing IT landscape or upgrade all their legacy applications. This presents a conundrum, as most legacy applications were not designed to run in the cloud.

Organizations must address specialized workloads that are not suitable for public or private cloud. This is where bare metal can help, by making it possible to run such workloads – including Oracle, SAP HANA and mainframe – within a cloud environment. This means organizations can lower their costs and minimize disruption on their journey to cloud.

As a leading integrator and technology provider, Atos has developed and matured an established bare metal infrastructure. We have been working with hyperscalers, leveraging this capability to provide enterprise clients with tailored bare metal solutions. We see major opportunities for cloud providers to expand into bare metal services.

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Seven benefits of bare metal for cloud


Physical resource-optimized single-tenant service leverages full high processing power, customized for specialized workloads


Systems can be sized flexibly and optimized for the client’s needs


A consumption-based pricing model reduces cost, with optimized licensing costs for required software


Full compliance with local data protection requirements and regulations


Dedicated hardware avoids the “noisy neighbors” effect with high-quality levels of service and SLAs


Physical isolation of data, applications and infrastructure provides a higher level of security compared to virtual servers

Public cloud offerings

Clients can benefit from additional public cloud service offerings, such as advanced analytics and machine learning

With Atos Bare Metal-as-a-Service, your clients can:

Maximize all the benefits of cloud across their enterprise – with the freedom to focus on their core business

Accelerate their digital transformation with cloud as a critical enabler

Minimize disruption and maintain flexibility to keep evolving their cloud environment and migration strategies on an application-by application basis

According to Market Research Future, the global bare metal cloud market is expected to grow from $1.52 billion in 2017 to $7.73 billion by 2023

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