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We are happy to welcome you to the fifth edition of Atos Digital Security magazine and the first edition of the annual Atos Cyber Trends report. We would like to thank our readers, contributors, editorial board members, production team and everyone who makes the magazine possible. We remain committed to bringing you in-depth, clear and relevant insights into cybersecurity and digital technology.

Cyber attacks are a persistent threat for all organizations and the risks are increasing rapidly.

In order to exploit the next potential breach, attackers are constantly evolving.

According to the latest Forbes reports, $2,900,000 is lost every minute to cybercrime.

Therefore, it is essential for all organizations to have an understanding of where the attackers are focusing their efforts — to be able to effectively protect the business and prevent attacks in the most efficient way.

In the report, we present our insights on the upcoming trends and trend breakers for 2022 in the areas of technologies, threats, regulations and landscape evolution. From 5G to supply chain threats, our experts have identified the focus areas for the year ahead, demonstrating how to capture these threats and how to view the landscape from a global perspective. We will also discuss new regulations designed to prevent, respond and report cyber incidents. Finally, we will review some key technology trends in 2022, such as cloud, IAM and MDR.

As key partners and decision makers in security, we will help you understand and prepare for the challenges that your security decision makers are likely to face.

Providing our readers with a comprehensive look at the trends for the upcoming year has been our priority as cybersecurity experts, and we believe that this first edition of our threat magazine will support you in reaching cyber success in your organization.

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Eyal Asila
Head of Digital Cyber Consulting Practice

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