Atos Technology Days 2021

Digital platforms and data economy

Data  at the heart of digital transformation

JULY 7-8

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6th Annual Atos Technology Days Event

In this 6th annual Atos Technology Days event, we’ll be presenting our digital platform ecosystem strategy to help you achieve both scale and customer/patient intimacy in your respective emerging digital ecosystems. Hear how Atos will enable you to accelerate the Data Economy with Digital Platforms.

You will experience a world-class digital event, with the opportunity to listen and engage with international speakers from our innovation network (visionaries, your peers, partners and start-ups). There will be a range of presentations, panels, roundtable discussions, practical use-cases, technology showcases to attend, alongside relevant on-demand content.

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Healthcare and life science sessions:

The roadmap to the data economy – thought-leaders panel. Featuring NHS X.
Speaker: Tim Ellis, Head of Frontline Digitisation, NHS X

Wednesday 7 July 14:20-14:50 CET

Our Executives and Thought Leaders panel will discuss how enterprises foresee the advent and growth of the data economy, the main challenges, and opportunities, as well as how they expect to generate new revenue streams by federating ecosystems data

From the healthcare sector, we are delighted to include Tim Ellis from NHS X. The focus will be around the move towards a digital hospital and how the digital platform features in this transformation.

Quantum Computing at Bayer
Speaker: Ulf Hengstmann, Digital Lead at Bayer

Available on demand from 7 July once registered

In this session, Ulf provides a holistic insight into Quantum Computing, covering topics such as the challenges, business impact and computational methods. Ulf also delves into joint proof of concepts (PoCs) with Bayer, Aachen University & Atos. The PoCs showcase the fantastic work made possible through use of Quantum simulation.

Be prepared: quantum computing is coming to your business!
Speaker: Professor Vicente Moret-Bonillo from University of La Coruña & Senior Member, IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

Thursday 8 July 15:40-16:00 CET

Significant progress is being made by enterprises to anticipate the business breakthoughs of quantum computing. In this session, you will hear from a range of thought leaders and experts on how the time for quantum computing is now.

From a Healthcare & Life Sciences standpoint, Professor Moret-Bonillo will walk us through an innovative way to model clinical knowledge in oncology. Taking one of the pilot projects of the NEASQC research, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme as an example, he will illustrate the advantages of using quantum computing as a rule-based system to support medical decisions in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

For his talk, he will follow the structure of the standard healthcare pathway for diagnosing invasive ductal carcinoma: screening, hypothesis, diagnosis, staging, therapy and evolution and will explain how quantum can help in a very intuitive way, and is suitable to all audiences.

Sarah’s story – a patient centred approach to healthcare & life sciences

Available on demand from 7 July once registered

In this session, we will follow a patient care journey through to the point of discharge. We will focus on digital tools & technologies that have profoundly impacted this patient’s experience before breaking into a dynamic panel discussion made up of Atos experts.

Speaker: Natalia Jimenez, Director, Atos HPC, AI & Quantum Life Sciences CoE & Member of Atos Scientific Community

Speaker: Andrew Wallace – Head of client Innovation, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Atos

Speaker: Ananda Kanneganti, CTO for Healthcare Consulting, Northern Europe, Atos

Speaker: Sebastian Gerbholz, Global Portfolio Manager Virtual Care, Healthcare & Life Sciences & Member of Atos Expert Community

The Data Economy is coming!