Codex Datalake Engine is Cloudera’s CDP Private Cloud Data Services certified

Paris, France – February

Atos announces that its Codex Datalake Engine has successfully completed certification process for Cloudera’s CDP Private Cloud Data Services, an advanced data analytics platform that offers public cloud experience in a private cloud or hybrid environment. Atos is Cloudera’s first partner to complete such certification.

Cloudera and Atos are continuing their long and fruitful partnership of developing modern data platforms. With hybrid cloud, organizations can benefit from the security of a private data center while leveraging flexibility, scalability, and cost benefits of the public cloud. Codex Datalake Engine now offers tenant-level isolation and self-service with auto-scale, through Cloudera’s embedded Experiences Compute Services or RedHat’s OpenShift as container orchestrator. Codex Datalake Engine simplifies the deployment of analytics services, such as data engineering, data warehouse, and machine learning.

Codex Datalake Engine brings to market the most cost-effective solution to quickly upgrade legacy data platforms and start delivering data analytics/AI use cases when 100% public cloud is not an option for security or sovereignty reasons. Our unique partnership empowers the potential of data analytics/ML for various customers to streamline national job market, unify digital IDs for millions of citizens, and optimize mining operations through advanced analytics.

“This achievement will allow Atos and Cloudera to strengthen our longstanding alliance for the benefit of our joint customers who need to accelerate their journey to a more secured and governed cloud. With our newly certified Codex Datalake Engine, customers have a one-stop-shop solution that combines our BullSequana Agility powerful, scalable and cost-effective hardware infrastructure, Cloudera CDP solid software platform and all necessary expert services to support the most complex data analytics & AI challenges, getting started in just a few weeks” said Emmanuel le Roux, SVP Global Head of AI & Business Computing at Atos.

“We are extremely pleased to have Atos as one of our strategic Global SI partners, given the fantastic momentum over the last year. Together we’ve developed unique solutions that deliver faster time to value for our customers. Atos is our first technology partner in the world to achieve full certification on CDP Private cloud and has been named 2022 GSI Partner of the Year for EMEA. We look forward to another growth year ahead with Atos, We look forward to another growth year ahead with Atos” said Romain Picard, VP EMEA at Cloudera.

About Codex Datalake Engine benefits

Time to market

  • 100% tested AND Certified to work with CDP Private Cloud Base and Data Services, proven with customer deployments,
  • All-in-one: Includes all necessary services to start in just a few weeks rather than months and benefit from first class support and maintenance,
  • Enables you to start small and extend storage or compute resources as business demand grows.


  • 100% tenant isolation with containerization, encryption and authentication,
  • Comply with the most stringent SLAs for your mission-critical workloads (no more “noisy neighbors”),
  • Containerized approach delivers natively enhanced security, with data service deployment becoming more scalable and multi-tenant.

Total Cost of Ownership

    • Up to 50% reduction in infrastructure cost, cost predictability (optimize private cloud / public cloud budgets),
    • Costs of all layers of the full stack solution are optimized from network, server to software and support,
    • Best possible TCO for massive ingestion.

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